Directx 11.2

So I wondering what will be the advantages of directx 11.2, I heard that it will be better at direct access to the hardware and it will have better performance than the current version of directs, is this true? Why the hell will this only be available for windows 8, guess I'll have to pirate it because I just recently bought windows 7 and I not planning on buying an os again when they could have easily made it for windows 7 as well.

or you could wait for steam OS

You could have upgraded to windows 8 for 15$ at the start of the year...

I don't know that much about 11.2.

it was with my laptop and I got that in late februrary, plus I didn't think they wouldn't release it for windows 7, vista had directx 11.

frankly put, keep an eye on AMD's mantle, as if takes off and goes mainstream Direct x will get buried for good, witch is a good thing.

Mmm, I didn't see Micro$oft doing that either.

But they do have a track record for giving the finger to people who don't give them $$$ and upgrade. (Halo 2, other dx versions).

I don't think nvidia is supported by mantle, so many games will still have some different api for them.

as far as Im aware Nvidia cards only go to DirectX 11.1 on the 700 series soooo yeah, that and amd hardware is in all the consoles. so i don't see why it couldn't take off.