Directional Wifi

So I know this has probably been posted a few times but I cant seem to get the right sort of product.

I was wondering if you guys in your infinite nerdyness can help me :)

So I have a BT wifi hotspot in my general area and I know what direction it is coming from. I pick it up weak from my laptop in the window but I want to amplify the signal on my side and repeat the signal for in my room?

Tin foil cone

its useful for something other than food and hats

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You can download a WiFi Analyzer on your phone and using the signal strength tool find the stronger and weaker spots.


SMA Ethernet bridge:
POE adapter:

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So wait, you're trying to piggy back on your neighbor's cellular wifi hotspot?

Sounds legit.

Actually I am going to be trying to pick up a BTOpenzone Router from about 150m(ish) away so I can pay for a semi stable internet. :)