Direction of The Tek

Hi Guys


This is more a question than a statement, I have to ask, is The Teks content direction slowly changing from tech hardware/software/gadget news to tech politics?

I know there has been a lot of headline worthy political tech news recently that we should all be aware of as enthusiasts and individuals - however I couldn't help but notice the first 30 minutes (excluding a couple of short articles) of The Tek episode 71 is all news that relates to the government/NSA/politics.

I am 30 minutes into this episode and for the first time ever have paused it to walk away and grab a coffee before I come back to finish watching, I will always watch the entire episode at least once! I still love the content (mostly) and love the show/your work. There has even been a point where I have watched the old episodes more than once!


I put the question to you because I love the show but am unfortunately finding my urge to refresh my YouTube feed over and daily waiting for new content - diminishing.


Overall keep up the good work

I love the show - and I try to spread knowledge of you to my tech buddies here in Australia.



Thumper - Conrad

I undetstand what you are saying but it comes down to enjoying the parts you already enjoy and letting the other stuff not bother you. If walking away from a YouTube video is all that is wrong in the world than we are on the right track for humanity. Also you could skiip the political parts. Right now in the tech world politics are the main story, with actual hardware coming in second. With no major releases or super sponsor parts dumps all hardware will be hit and miss. When the new Intell chips came out it was in every Tek video. So give it some time. 

Tech without politics is missing over half of what goes on in the world. Laws, like it or not, govern all the things in our lives. That goes doublely so for technology.

Of course.


As mentioned I wasn't trying to undermine the importance of politics within technology and the world in General, I also know that a video can be skipped, but that would mean that I am no longer enjoying the end product of Logan's fruits...


.. Wait what?


... Anyway - Maybe if the news is dominated by politics even within the tech industry as it is now, instead of reporting on that topic alone we could think of a new type of content to include within The Tek?


How about some driver testing/feedback, case mod competitions, general nerd out - geeky things like that which we would all love I am sure.

I could totally get behind some driver testing and general tech fun. Maybe even some more game recomendations from Pistol or some stuff directly from Wendell or Qain. 

And I totally get where you are coming from. Sometime there are parts of the Tek that I sit through just because I respect the work that went into it. 

The only problem I see with any of our ideas would be the extra time required in making the videos. If I was able I would totally become an intern but alas I live in Iowa. Which is just too far of a commute.

The current blend is what sets The Tek apart from most other tubecast thingies and the political side of things is one of the things making me keep watching The Tek. That and spanning from goofy to dead serious.

It would bother me more if there would pop u more political content in a random hardware video by Logan. That would ruin the factual content in most cases.

I want to see this new office they're getting!

I imagine a place as cool and querky as the googleplex lol?

Well, the tech scene isn't changing drastically right now, but public interest is focused on tech politics, so the content reflects that.


i really enjoy the political aspects as well as the hardware aspect of the TEK. i think sometimes you need to take a step back and look at the reasons why you're able to enjoy these 1st world technological advances(hardware, software, internet) and a good understanding of the people that are trying to take that away from you.

I am perfectly okay with the current state of The Tek.

Like I said I will always watch The Tek regardless ;)


I definitely wasn't second guessing the importance of political tech news either, I was only questioning its sheer dominance of late.