Direct fibre connection to a FreeNAS server. Will it work?

I'm in the middle of putting together a NAS and was thinking of adding a 4 port qlogic 4Gbs card to the system and a single port card to each machine. Is this doable?


you just invert the tx and rx on one side - so the tx goes to the rx, and vice versa.

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Definitely doable! And if you buy smart a cheap option too. For the networking side of thins make sure that you set a static IP on both the interface settings on the FreeNAS and the computer. And do not enter a gateway to prevent the connection be used for other traffic than PC -> NAS and NAS -> PC.

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Thanks for the help fella's.

I'm pretty sure he's talking about 4Gb HBAs, not NICs. Short google search told me that there is no native FC target support but it's doable after a bit of manual tweaking and fiddling.

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Ah, that's indeed a different story!