Direct Cu2 R9290 idling at 60 degrees

I know the OEM card is notorious for being hot and loud but I thought the Cu2 version was meant to solve these issues. Alas I am idling at 60 degrees and this seems rather high for idle temps. My case has 5 fans so the hot air gets shifted out pretty quickly but it remains hot at idle. I currently have to run with the GPU fans at high speed which is noisy and when idling this is annoying, was hoping that it would be able to idle quietly.

Anyone with the same card have similar issues or anyone know of a fix?

That is incredibly odd.

Are you sure its detecting the correct temperature sensor? Does the cooler appear to be mounted correctly?


The DCuII cooler is shit on amd .

Sapphire is good for amd cards , Asus made the dcuii for Nvidia .

That being said , it should not idle at ~60°c , Sometimes my gpu gets stuck in some weird powerstate after a hard shutdown witch keeps the gpu at ~45°c , most of the time rebooting gets rid off it .

My recommendation would be to remove any OC , and check if powertune is on , and if so switch it off .

Thanks for the feed back, I won the card so I can hardly complain I guess but I would have chosen a sapphire for an AMD as well. And all seems to be mounted correctly and when I put all the fans up it does go down but that's not really practical due to noise! I have OC'd it in the past but I don't anymore and haven't for a little while. Thanks for the feed back though if I find a fix I shall post it :)

Ok , so these are my temps : idle 45°c load 77°c 

But I have the tri X

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Owner of a Tri-X here- I'm idling while typing this post at 40C, while my ambient temps are somewhere around 23C Load temps get to about 78C (overclock & overvolted)

I would have chosen the D-CU-II version of the card because it IS a fantastic cooler, It's just that the cooler it comes with is one ripped off of a GK110 card- The problem is, is that the GK110 core is much bigger than hawaii, so when it's placed on the hawaii chip not all the heat pipes are making contact- thus poor cooling occurs

How are your load temps?

reference card here 

idle @ 22

load @ 51 in game

load @ 62 in furmark

oh should probably say im using an x31 and g10 on it

maybe you have a miner running without your knowledge because for idle thats very high for a asus dc2

idle @ 22

I don't believe you. What are you ambient temps? If you ambient is under 18 then I may believe you

(measure at case intake)

Nope fraid not sorry! :)

How would I detect a miner? I has run malware scans etc and I'm clean, I have kaspersky which is pretty good but if something did get through how would I detect it if it wasn't by my other programs?

I would check again what clocks the core and memory lands at while "idling". Perhaps they're not going down the the common single display idle clocks of 300'ish MHz core and 150 MHz memory? 

A crypto miner would usually end up loading the car quite heavily and info software like GPU-Z would show the load level. That's probably not the case here.

ambient 12 degrees, 

australia here were just coming out of winter

Ok now i believe you