Dininity Original Sin 2; Returning to Kickstarter

The devs behind Divinity Original Sin want to make a sequel but need kickstart. You can read the blog from Swen Vincke @ Larian Studios here, where he talks about his plans.

Also, polygon article and PC Gamer Article.

The game is going on kickstarter August 26th, I know many in this community are big RPG fans, especially old school ones. If you have money to spare maybe you could help this awesome company out. Remember that the kickstarter for Divinty Original Sin saved the company.

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Considering how popular the first one was on PC and now it's going over to console. I do feel kinda cheated that they are doing kickstarter again.

How so?

Because the first kickstarter was so successful and they sold a crap ton of copy's after it was out. That adds up to lots of dollars. Why do they need to go asking for more money to develop? I will totally back then as I love divinity original sin. But I'm pretty sure they have enough money to make the game without kickstarter. But it's just the way things are going. Even well off company's are starting to use kickstarter which I just don't think is right.

I dont think they do, I remember seeing an article that said the game was enough to save the company, but it didn't make enough money to fund another game. They came out positive, but not THAT positive. Remember all the costs that go into making a game, and running a company.

Hmmm interesting. I just remember seeing that it was just massively successful. But I understand if that's all it took to save them. Either way I'll be supporting. But my goodness if someone like EA or another huge company started using kickstarter I'm pretty sure I would to nuts

They got under a million dollars, which isnt a great deal. Obviously they will be getting income from current sales as well but I can see why they might want to do another one, they delivered on there last game, people can get rewards and stuff, and they can get a kick-start in funding without traditional investors.

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I guess something I didn't think about. By doing it this way they don't have a publisher breathing down thier neck trying to rush the game and add season passes/dlc and all that crap.

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