DIMM slots not working

I recently upgraded my cpu from an i5-4460 to a i7-4790k. However, I couldn’t get past post with 2 ram sticks. Took one out so I can boot into windows with 1 ram stick. I checked the other stick to see if it was faulty but it isnt. I have no idea as to get my motherboard to get it to accept 2 sticks again. Any help please?

It’s possible that dust or a tarnished pad on the CPU is causing a problem. I would try removing the CPU and blowing out the socket. If it still has problems you could pop the old one back in to confirm whether it is a problem the the new CPU or the board.

Clearing UEFI/BIOS settings and starting from scratch would also be a good idea if you haven’t done so yet.

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I was gonna do that actually when I got home from work. I didnt see any tarnishes on the back of the cpu though but I’ll check again.