Dimensions of Asus WS Sage-E WRX80 Board?


I was wondering if anyone had the Asus Pro WS Sage-E WRX80 Mobo and could make some measurements for me?
Particularly interested in the distance between the first PCIE Slot and the top of the mother board, first PCIE Slot and the bottom of the motherboard, and spacing between PCIE slots.

I am trying to figure out if my radiators will fit in my case! (Cerberus X).


If no one has one of those, why not put together a solution with Inkscape, sticks and duct tape?

Just open up in Inkscape, and double check if it’s the board you are looking for.
ghetto_solution.zip (1.6 MB)


Thanks for your reply. I tried this with ImageJ using PCIE slot width as a reference, and just wanted to compare the measurements I had with actual ones. Planning a pretty space constrained build so I wanted to make sure my measurements were accurate.

I’ll give this a go with Inkscape though! Thanks for showing me this.

Same principle, but I used mobo dimensions from Asus website, so less margin of error, but probably still not perfect.

Now that sounds like something to show-off, so maybe a build log? Pleeeeease :slight_smile:


Will do! It’s going to be a screamer…

The build log will probably force me to better plan everything too. Stay tuned!

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Nice. Cerberus X? Would love to see a TR Pro build in one.

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Yessir, getting the Mobo, GPU, and GPU Blocks this week :smiley:

Definitely looking forward to what you come up with. I heard it’s a very tight fit with EEB motherboards but I haven’t seen anyone use one yet.

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Did you end up building this? I’ve got a WRX80E-SAGE SE and a Cerberus-X case, debating trying to put them together for a build.

It seems like it would be a very tight fit.

I have the board in front of me now the measurements are 305mm x 330mm.

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