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DigitalPrice / Trollcoin Wallet Support Help Needed! :)

hi guys, I’m a total noob to linux, and I just got Zorin OS installed on my HP ENVY 17in laptop that I installed with upgraded RAM for the sake of staking cryptocurrencies. I stake a variety of coins, and for whatever reason, I was able to get some wallets to work, but not others. I have been trying to figure this out for days now and I just can’t quite figure it out… I’m sure It’s a simple technical problem that I’m facing, such as missing dependencies, or needing some other program to launch the program. Either way, I am struggling to get the DigitalPrice and Trollcoin wallet working. DigitalPrice has a linux version of the wallet, and I can’t seem to unpack it right to find the -qt file so that I can launch it. And even when I try to start the windows version of the DigitalPrice wallet, It doesn’t open up. Same with the Troll/windows wallet. As I said, I’m a super noob to ubuntu/linux and This is really my first time exploring this alien landscape. I would SO VERY MUCH appreciate any and all technical assistance. I just don’t know what to do :smiley: Thanks