Digital bookshelf for my PS2 ISOs

So now that my PC is capable of properly emulating my PS2 games at a decently stable level I now want to create a pretty digital bookshelf so to speak.  I mean it's nice to sit back and enjoy the collection from time to time right?.  It'd be awesome if I could trick Steam into being able to launch each game separately so I could add them to my Steam library but that's a bit over my head.  (Would look nice seeing some of my classics next to my other steam icons though =p)

As an alternative I figured creating or finding windows icons of each games logo is a good alternative.  So it'd come out similarly to how I have my anime folder ( ).  These are taken from the collective work /a/ has been creating.  So it'd be the first time I'd be creating my own but I'm probably patient enough to learn to do it myself xD

Anyways I'm open to other ideas of implementing something similar.  Also it'd be really helpful if you guys had suggestions for creating the icons, be it specific (free) programs to create them with, or any links to resources with game logos.

============== EDIT =================

Wow I'm dumb it was way easier then I thought to trick steam into making it run an ISO like it was an exe xD

Still interested in suggestions for creating Steam Icons for PS2 games though =p