Digital audio mixers and fixing a digital board containing a pentium chip

In the link above is the Mackie db8 it’s heavy it’s outdated only has a pentium chip. It’s discontinued, I don’t have schematics. The fans are noisy. It breakdown, but . It’s dirt cheap and I am tempted to ask the big question. What would level 1 techs do if someone said put a thread ripper in me, write me code, Macke me work again to that old Mackie db88 digital mixer and keep those fans whisper quiet. I need it to be a thunderbolt 4 compatible digital mixer. So if a customer where to ship you one and say here is your chance to get paid to create a prototype for a customer that wants more power and code optimized for only one Daw shhh I am a Presonus user. Could level 1 techs creat it. Maybe just maybe it would be the first of it’s kind with amd threadripper and optimized code for us AMD converts. Ahh dam where is level one to the rescue!!! FrankenMackie db8

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