Different results with Ryzen "Benchmarks"

There seems to be another factor that affects Ryzen. I some (atleast one) cases AMD GPU's/drivers work better then Nvidia GPU/driver with Ryzen in Tomb Raider, DX12.

Ryzen of the Tomb Raider - AdoredTV

Just because one person has this kind of a result doesnt mean anything. Also why would something like using different drivers (for that matter, in this case different GPU's) mean that the CPU has anything to do with it lol, it's likely down to the fact that a 1070 has different characteristics than two RX 480's.
The video is mostly pointless imo.

And how many have tested the CPUs with AMD GPUs comparing DX11 and DX12? and comparing that to nVidia GPUs with the same CPUs and test runs?

if we are talking about Nvidia GPUs being not great at dx12/vulkan, that has very little to do with the CPU if anything lol.

No, but it clearly exacerbates the problem leading to overblown conclusions.

It, like any single benchmark is not conclusive. But in this case it seems the rx480 crossfire d12 combination gave a much greater boost to ryzen then a 7700K. There could have been other reasons for the Ryzen improvements but I would be interesting to see if someone could get similar results based on his assumption/hypothesis. The point of the video is it is interesting and no one could verify it or test the hypothesis if there don't know about it.

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the whole idea of this video is flawed imo
why does the CPU have anything to do with how GPU's perform in DX11/DX12 with different drivers, etc.
Yes, CPUs impact gaming performance to an extent but the same CPU with different GPUs, is comparing the GPUs. so why would the CPU have anything to do with it is beyond me lol

and yeah, with different CPUs it has different results, so ... yeah. thats a thing. this is news why?

The continued use of RotTR benchmarks paired with nVidia GPUs leads to headline-friendly titles like, "Ryzen looses to Intel by 30% in games!!!"

The benchmarking done by Adored showed that the nVidia driver is horrifically optimized and that the Ryzen CPU is NOT being so thoroughly trounced in games.

It's possible that the nVidia drivers are very single threaded which would make them run better on the single threaded champion of the 7700k, which would leave more headroom for that CPU to deal with the rest of the game...