Different PSU



I have the MS-TECH MS-N750-VAL-CM, 750 Watt.


Have not seen anything about it and if I saw something about it it's not good. So I think I should get something different and better. MS-Tech is also not popular from what I have seen.


I have:


ASUS M5A99X EVO Motherboard

AMD Phenom II X4 945 at 3 Ghz

8 GB of Kingston RAM 1600 mhz

A Sapphire 7870 XT


I run games on max at 1080p if that's useful information.


Thanks in advance.







Do you have a suggestion for a bang for buck psu?

Dude he has to know what you want to spend..If he post the best rated PSU but you can't afford it or don't want to spend that much money you are wasting his time..He needs a frame of reference..

About 70 euros.

well MS-tech is indeed not realy great, but if it works it works. i had 1 ms-tech 500W psu in the past, and it  blewup  after a few years.

if you look for something diffrent look at a XFX 550/650W. 

Alright, I'll keep this one before it dies. Should be doing ok.

Seasonic G series 550 Watt is reviewed very well at jonnyguru.com.  It's more efficient than the XFX.

The Corsair CX500 is adequate and cheaper.

There is a Cooler Master 500 W that is 80 plus Bronze that is also adequate and inexpensive.

All three are good bang for buck PSUs.


I keep seeing the XFX pro series recommended, so I went and checked out the review on jonnyguru.com.

The XFX pros are made by Seasonic and are an inferior design to the Seasonic G series... but they are also a little less expensive.  The G series is built better and performs better.  The XFX is not a bad PSU but according to jonnyguru.com you get a significant jump in performance and quality with the G.  And if you don't want high quality there are PSUs that are adequate for half the price of the XFX pro 550.

XFX pro 550:


Seasonic 550rm 550 W: