Differences between RoG Hero and Formula

Basically I'd like to know three core things about the two boards, 

  • Difference in functionality, features, and performance.


  • Difference in price point.


  • Which would you buy for a mostly gaming (pretty serious) computer with some editing/rendering on the side?


Thanks for any feedback in advance

~ Emo

well the diffrence in all feutures there would be some. i have to research that my self.

The Formula has wifi onboard, the  Hero doesn´t, but there would be also some more feuture diffrences, but not that much.

But what i do know is that the Asus Hero is more made for Gamers, and some random overclocking. And that the Formula and the Extreme, are more made for the Diehard overclockers.

I would go with the Hero if you dont need onboard wifi. Its 55 bucks less, and is realy made for the gamers and some random overclocking. everything you want. the money you safe you can put in a great gpu.

grtz angel ☺

Thanks for the thoughtful comment. I'm about to order the board now :)


~ Emo