Difference between the Caviars?

Whats the difference between Caviar Black, Blue and Green ??


I got the 1TB CGreen for my build.

speed .... green>blue>black .....green being the slowset(the green is allso a lower power drive)

seriously -__-

if what you say is true then why is the Green more expensive than the Blue ?

Becase its a "eco" drive >low power consumption.

blue 7200rpm drive

Black 7200rpm drive 

Green "IntelliPower"  5400 RPM (or 5900 RPM) depending on how heavy its being used

then i guess im canceling it and getting the 2TB Caviar Black.

Green drives are  more suited to secondery/backup drives 

still don't get why it's expensive. how is it eco friendly if it's in your house ? 

There more expenceive to make....the only thing that makes them "eco" is that thay use less power (i am shure i allready sead this)

I'll try to be simple.
Blue drives are standar HDD, good for any system as main drive, the go at 7200rpm 64mb cache.

Black are the elite version, offer another year of warranty, and have less fail chance, but go by the same rpm and cache the blue does.

Green are Eco friendly drives, Intellipower (changes its RPM, can hit almost 5400 rpm) they are used for mass storage, are not very good for a main drive or for software (have ugly random reads/writes).

Red are NAS optimized, can tolerate beeing constanly on and getting hot without any issues.

You may want to buy an SSD or a blue/black drive for the OS and main apps.