Difference between Samsung 840 EVO SSD 120 GB and 250 GB

I saw that the write speed is lower on the 120 BG version compared to the 250 GB version and above. Will the Samsung SSD Magician Software and the drivers make up for it? Because 120 GB SSD is all I need. Thanks in advance.

don't get the EVO versions of the samsung 840s unless its the 500GB version the lower tier ones have terrible Random IOPS

get the pro version


It's really that much worse?

well those iops on the box you will never reach, even with the pro version.. :) same as the seq read and write on SSD´s . But the pro versions are indeed realy fast.

Other good choices would be A-data SX900 Kingston hyperX 3k, OCZ Vortex 4 or Plextor.


What do iops do? Do I need alot of iops? And the EVO is the cheepest of all the choices you gave, but thanks. I'm still going for the 120GB evo. I don't need the top of the line PRO serie SSD.