Did Windows 8.1 Fix Dual-Booting Linux?

Hey, I was wondering if they fixed dual-booting windows 8.1 with Linux, I was trying to install Ubuntu 12.04 along side with Windows 8 and would not allow me to load up Ubuntu. I am not an expert and would like to keep it simple for a layman like me. Thank you for the help! I always know I can count on you guys.

sorta maybe not-really

If you disable secure boot, fast boot and use a legacy BIOS it will work - right up until Windows needs to install security updates, which will bork your grub and you will have to repair win 8.1 and then fix grub.  Hell of a pain and a headache.

Damn....That really upsets me. I only use Windows for games and school software :( If I had a chioce I would go full Linux and be done with this Windows facade.

Really? I'm running a dual boot with Windows 8.1 and Ubuntu 14.04 and I haven't gotten any of those issues yet.

Maybe its due to distro choice - i refuse to run ubuntu

I tried Ubuntu before 8.1 and did not work, what I was asking if they fixed it with the 8.1 fix. I hear it depends on what bios you have. But I take that in consideration.

Will try it out, thank you :)