Did Wendell say something about modding an 8800 to be a Quadro?

He mentioned something about this in Inbox.exe 0046. I have an old 8800 GTS SSC, is it worth modding this card to be workstation worthy? Ideally I would install it alongside my 660 ti and use it for when I'm working on Solidworks.

If so, where can I get more information about how to do this? I'll admit I'm not as savvy as the great Wendell but if it's not too difficult then it's worth a try.



I've got a 8800 card laying around as well, also interested in this.

Even if you did hack it to run as a Quadro your 660Ti would still utterly trounce it in Solid Works. The only benefit you would get would be Colour depth.

I remember them showing a 690 that was hacked to be a 680 and a quadro.

Yes, a few old Nvidia cards could be modded into "fake" Quadros.  This was only possible for a few models, and as far as I know the only benefit was that the Nvidia drivers would recognize them as Quadro, therefore giving you more driver options.  You don't get the increased reliability and etc. of a "real" Quadro.  A quick google search should show you which models this was possible on.  I know it is possible on the 680 and 690, but I don't know beyond that.