Did Plex Media Server remove the "server" functionality on Linux?

I installed plex server on headless ubuntu 16.04 but when I accessed the web interface, I found just a web player that is looking for a server to play from!!??! Where is the server?

Is there a option on the left saying "allow insecure connections" - something like that. You'll need to give us a bit more information.

This is the interface that I get. There is no server functionality. Only a web player.

The link that it offers me to download to get a server is the same one which I used to install this in the first place.

This happens when it can't connect to the media server, I've only had it happen when I was messing around with SSL which was forwarded through a proxy. In these cases plex still worked fine for me on the machines local address.

The media server comes up for me (LXLE, Xubuntu 16.04). Granted, I don't actually use the media server part, but rather use the channels to watch stuff like PBS, but it comes up as Plex Media Server without issues.

I was having problems the last couple months of it not wanting to actually play anything from the channels, but I think it is a mixture of it wanting my connection to be faster, and something on their end. I just upgraded to the latest .deb they have and now it seems to be playing stuff again, at least on my HTPC.

You mention going to the web player and the server is headless. This means you are connecting through another device? Is it set up to access the server? Did you click on the link on the left pane that says "Where is my server?" What were the results of doing such? Is it possible to connect a monitor to the server and confirm that the server can play media locally via Plex, and that the problem may be related to your network or the other device(s) trying to use the server? Could I ask any more questions?

Yes, I could ask more questions. I agree with the above post that there needs to be more information in order to give you a more targeted and useful response.

I was trying to access it remotely from outside the local network using port forwarding. The plex machine is a container inside Proxmox.

Accessing it through its local IP address from a local machine brought up the server features. It seems that it only needed to be accessed locally at the initial setup. I can now see everything even from a remote device by port forwarding.

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