Did my 980ti just shorted itself?

Hey Guys, i think my gpu just Shorted itself. This happened when i was testing evil within 2 it worked then my PC immidiately turned off, now it is still detected in the pcie and wont boot if the 8 pins are not plugged but no display from it. It is also detected in dev manager as pcie part but not as gpu and also not detected in nvidia driver installtation. Theres still power and it still gets hot it just cant be detected. After a series of test I found out that the wire from the gpu LED logo had its solder messed up and maybe the source of it all. After removing those wires i get to boot with the gpu connected but the dispaly is coming from the igpu. What should i do?

Double check your power supply wires or get a different 8 pin connector from your power supply kit. It might have blown a cap. Also try switching another power supply. If you have another PC, you could chuck it in there as well. Most likely your power supply cannot supply any more juice or amperage needed by GPU. I wouldn’t worry too much unless you smell burnt PC parts. Also check your RMA/Manufacturer status on that 980 ti.

Ive done that and im sure that psu is fine, cause i can boot with iGPU. I havent tried it in a diff. pc though. Also Ive custom aio water cooled so I dont think i can have it replaced

Could you send us a picture? Also, if possible, take off the plastic case and fans and check the board for damage. There might be a blown cap or something where you can’t see it.

It’s unlikely that using the card would have caused two circuit elements to short, per se, but if something was off in the construction (e.g. damaged trace), high temps and current might have caused something. (I guess a leaky water cooler could cause a short—again, check for board damage.)

I know some manufacturers have different warranty policies concerning mods, so you should check on that. You also might be able to guilt the newegg/amazon phone clerk into giving you a new card if the manufacturer isn’t buying it, but that kinda sucks.

Sorry I cant do it right now because of work. Probably Friday or saturday. Im pretty sure it wasnt very hot because I just got to the new game screen (when I tested evil within 2). Id say it wouldve gone to 50~60% utilization. Im pretty sure there are no toasted parts in it because my case was open because I just replaced my cpu (and now this). I wouldve smelled something if anything. I would say the certain pull of electricity wouldve started it, but when i removed the LED logo thing, I was able to boot but thru iGPU. I was thinking of maybe having it fixed or reballed or something

Whenever you get a chance. Strange that the LED would cause a problem, maybe the unit didn’t work at first and they tried to fix it by hand? Idk how graphics card factories work. It’s probably not power draw, since it worked before. Most (all?) PSUs have circuit breakers built in, so if there’s a short in your card the system would just not get any power. Maybe something in your card just shifted a little. Either way I think you’re looking at an RMA. You might want to mention the LED being soldered weird.



This is not the exact LED because mine has 4 wires in it. Only when the system wasnt already booting was the only time where i looked around and I found that 3 of them have its solder broke which means it may have touched the wrong contact points. i dont exactly know if this is the culprit but when i removed the 4 pin plug from the gpus PCB, the PC booted ignoring the gpu being connected and running though iGPU.

I think it’s normal for a GPU to not be detected if its 8-pin power connector is unplugged. If the solder job on the LED logo was botched, then yeah I’d say it’s possible the leads shorted. You should try to get a replacement.