Did i make the right choice?


        I recently bought a EVGA GTX 670 for around $240-250 and I saw some other cards such as the GTX 760 for around the same price and I just want to know if I made a good choice. I do mostly gaming with vary light video editing. I did do some researching before I came here but most of the reviews I looked at seemed biased in one way or another so i came here because i know i can trust you people more for the most part.  All i want to know is if I bought a good card for the money or is there something better I should have gotten for around the same price?

Well its too late now anyway. Just enjoy the card, 670's still offer very good performance.

+1 it happens man. Live and learn. Just be glad it wasnt all that major. Last laptop i bought, ordered it at like 10pm and go and look at newegg the next day and i see its 100$ off. so....ya it happens.

well in therms of video editing you  made the right choice.

the GTX670 has 1344 cuda core´s onboard, the GTX760 only has 1152 cuda cores, and in video editing that makes sense.

Okay wenn you where editing on sony vegas, that utilize open CL, then a 7950 was a better option. but still on nvidia side you made the right choice.

Grtz angel ☺

Thanks for your feedback, I feel a lot better now.