Did I kill my pc?

Ok I don't know if this is the right place to put this but I need help now. So awhile back I had set up Ubuntu as a dual boot with windows 7. It might be a good thing to note that when I installed Ubuntu I put it on my secondary hdd while windows was on my primary ssd. Anyway I hadn't used it in a while so I decided to get rid of it and free up some space. So me being stupid thought I could just delete the partitions and all would be good. So I deleted the partitions and set my hdd back to full space under one partition and then restarted my pc to make sure Ubuntu was gone. Now I am stuck staring at the grub rescue screen and have no idea what to do so thank you in advance for any help. 

You got rid of ubuntu? Load up your windows disk and go to trouble shooting and click repair. Or (from Microsofts site) do this

Please refer to these steps to rebuild the MBR:


a.     Insert Windows 8 installation media and restart the computer.

b.     Select Language and click on Next.

c.      Select Repair your Computer and click on Skip this drive.

d.     Select Troubleshoot and click on Advanced Options.

e.     Here choose the option Command Prompt and type these commands and press Enter after each one:


bootrec /fixMBR
bootrec /Fixboot
bootrec /rebuildBCD

edit: all you've probably done, is deleted a grub partition on the hdd and the grub boat loader on sda (the ssd) cant find the partition to get information from. the boot loader just needs fixed.

Ok when I try to do that I get an error that says "This version of system recovery is not compatible with the version of windows you are trying to repair" even though I am using the same disk that I used to install this version of windows. 

hm im afraid thats the extent of my windows repair knowledge without looking more stuff up. Did you upgrade windows? i.e. 8 > 8.1? maybe thats to blame.

Do you have a live copy of a linux distro on a usb or cd at hand? it can make grub recovery a lot easier.

Nope it's been on 7 ever since install

I Can make one I have many other computers and a 32 gig flash drive

Create one ubuntu should be fine and install boot-repair its really user friendly and gets the job done.


Ok thanks so much it worked. I never actually got ubuntu to install on my flash drive but I just ran try Ubuntu from the installer and it worked so thanks

That's what I meant by "live copy", glad to hear it worked and your welcome :D.