Did i just make a bad purchase

so i was on ebay searching for client terminals and i found a quad hexa-core old server ( IBM x3850 M2 )


I got excited because i saw 64GB ram and quad six-core 2.66ghz Xeon X7460 processors and pulled the trigger. 

I have been waiting on x99 chipset to release to buy a new computer. I'm expected to pay around $330 for the quad hexa-core server.

NO hard drives, i have a raid controller that i can install... more on that later... Just want to hear your guy's input if this is a stupid idea I want to build a dedicated premiere pro editing machine.  Not even sure if premiere supports quad processors... Thanks.

Guess it depends on what you are gonna use it for. It will not work as a workstation. Would probably be ok as a server, if you can pay the power bill. The power vs performance ratio will be low compared to modern stuff.

The CPUs are a bit old, but stuff that can use all the cores should probably be alright. Single thread though, quite slow compared to the stuff we have today. The CPUs have a load of cache, 25 MB per CPU. 100 MB cache in total, great for server-loads. They don't have any modern instructions sets like AVX, but should have SSE.

Probably won't do well in premiere (your welcome to try) but it should work great as a server or massive raid array

Thanks guys for your responses, guess we will have to wait and see... Should be interesting build. My budget for this will be $1000, plan on buying a 780gtx, two raid arrays, one planned to do 2gb/s read and write,  the other for OS and Adobe Premiere. I really plan on just turning this machine ON when I am ready to edit video, since IT IS A POWER HOG each CPU is 135 watts TDP!

And Finally, if things go sour I will ditch the server, sell the ram/processors on ebay.. and carry over the raid/gtx to a x99 build.


Will keep you guys updated..

-love thefish322