Did I Fry My 390s?

Alright, so I was having some trouble running Shadow of Mordor at an acceptable frame rate, so I was attempting to overclock my RAM and core speed. The trouble is that when I hit apply my screens went black...so, I restarted my PC. Well, it decided to hang on the black screen that comes right after the Windows 7 logo disappears. This problem has persisted despite me doing all of the following:

Booted into safe mode, removed all drivers via Display Driver Uninstaller, and AMD's driver removal tool.

Installed 16.2 Crimson, 16.1 Crimson, and 15.7 AMD drivers.

Pulled one GPU to see one of them might still work...same result.

Any ideas?

Reset cmos bios n all that stuff, check each card to see if they both behave like that.

Did that as well, forgot to mention it. No Dice.

And just to be clear, the ONLY thing I did was turn my GPU RAM up to 6300 mhz. I didn't up the voltage or processor on the GPU.

don't forget to remove overclock profile. (it could be set at start-up)

I was using MSI Afterburner and uninstalled it already...where would the profile be?

Yeah, try booting into safe mode, I have gotten the start up profile in a twist before.
Also MSI afterburner and the AMD drivers kinda cooperate with each other, you need to reset the driver OC too..

"Edit, if you can boot into safe mode but it crashes instantly on normal boot ups it might just be windows throwing a fit".

I can get into safe mode. How do I navigate to my startup profile? What am I looking for?

Do you think overclocking my RAM that high fried the card or...? Ugh...

Overclocking ram should never really damage your hardware, as long as you didn't change the voltages (which you can't on memory without serious modding).
There is no way changing the memory frequency can physically harm your cards.

I suggest removing all MSI AB files and AMD drivers then use windows startup repair.

I can boot into Windows normally after uninstalling AMD drivers. It's only after I install AMD drivers and restart my PC that I hang on a black screen right after the Windows 7 logo disappears.

I am using Display Driver Uninstaller to remove the AMD drivers. As far as removing MSI AB files...how can I navigate to them? I already uninstalled the program, so I'm not sure where else to look?

Also, thank you for your help, Castellorizon.

That's really weird, if you uninstalled AB files you should be good to go. All the files should be under :c/programs files/ MSI afterburner.
Also removing riva tuner statistics server might help.

you might have fried your memory, msi profiles should load on your profile login.


Yeah...I'm thinking that's what I did. Going to use someone else's test bench to find out. Well, there goes $700.

Your cards were probably duds regardless, though do try them in another machine before you send them off.
Frying cards from a small memory OC really shouldn't happen.

So, upping the memory speed to 6300mhz shouldn't have fried it? I'm wondering if I should just format my PC...I've been using the same installation of Windows 7 for 4 years now. Dunno...

I know that crashing from OCing can really screw up your windows install, which miiiiight be the case, but I'd still test the cards in another system first if you have one available, or a friend's.

I'm going to test them tomorrow. Thanks for the help.

yea mean you went from 1500-1600 -> 6300? or you mean it in quad (at 1575, it should be just fine... my 290x's oc higher.)