Did anyone else ever play Starwars Galaxies?

I played that games for a few years and then sony killed it by making it a wow clone. But up until the combat upgrade or whatever it was called that game was glorious. I was actually sad when i heard that they shut it down. Whenever i think about playing any other mmo i think of Galaxies and i know they couldnt ever live up to that game. Maybe i just had my head in the sand but i always thought that game was so awesome.

i played in the original beta! I made a Trendoshan bouty hunter who took great delight in punishing Gungan's. The original way the skills and abilities worked was awesome! I loved the game! But after a few months I started to get bored with it. I think it was me more than the game. The game provided an MMO environment where you could just about do anything you could think of, and I just wasn't thinking on a big enough scale. I had a buddy who literally built his own small town out in the middle of the desert on Tatooine. It was a pretty amazing game (early on in it's life anyway) when i think back on it.

I actually played long enough to unlock a jedi character. I got to particpate in the jump to light speed beta. I remember i first heard about the game purely by luck i was in a book shop and i found the guide so i bought it and i just poured over every detail over and over after that i had to get it.