Did AMD Drop "Never Settle Reloaded"?

I've been looking at the 7950 and noticed that it didn't come with free games. Same for anyone else?

I've been looking at Newegg, just to clarify.

I've seen that it is still available elsewhere. At least two vendors in the UK still have the Never Settle bundle.

Alright. Sadly I'm in 'Merica. It's a shame it's not available. I really wanted to see what Crysis 3 looked like maxed out. 

I just ran through all the 7970s on newegg and yes, it sure looks like they've dropped it. At least for single cards; I noticed this combo on one of the gigabyte cards -


You get the game bundle if you buy two of the cards. 

edit - this looks like it's the same way for most of the cards. 

Not not according to amd http://sites.amd.com/us/promo/never-settle/Pages/nsreloaded.aspx#1 

I don't think it is the vendors choice, though. If AMD and otehr vendors are supplying it, Newegg should, surely?

Just newegg I guess? 

Tigerdirect still does it with a single card:


Well, I guess Nvidia will get my money. I can't turn down Last Light and PhysX.

ATI have their own version of PhysX, and comes with 4 free games D;

I chose Nvidia. I bought my card in the past month, or so. Everyone has their reasons for doing that. But, that games bundle is kinda crazy. You can buy Last Light on its own!

The main point of me creating this thread was to complain about how the 7950 doesn't come with any free games. 660 Ti has the same performance in most games compared to a 7950, with lower frame latencies. Also the 660 Ti is cheaper than the 7950.

Actually the 7950 beats the 660ti by quite a margin, and it beats the 680 sometimes. You need to look at benchmarks after the drivers were updated.


The 660ti doesn't come close the beating the 7950

And by the way, the frame latencies have largely been solved, too.

Call me a fanboy if you want. I am using a GTX 780, not a 7950.

I've always preferred Nvidia. Only some of the games are better with the 7950. Some are better with the 660 Ti.

Oh, the 7950 is winning due to its higher framebuffer. I'm only playing at 1600x900. No real difference as they'll get high framerates nonetheless.

The 7950 beats the 670 (not 660ti) in about 9 out of 10 games. The 660TI doesn't really compete any longer. They used to be neck and neck. The 660ti is in a the middle tier, 7950 is high.

Like I said, people have got reasons to go Nvidia. I am using a 780. I wanted a change from the red team, all my systems to date have been red.

Personally, I think the 7950 is the stronger choice. Nvidia is always pricey. That includes my 780, but it beats paying for a Titan.

This might change your mind. This is 1080p performance:


Still a noticeable 10FPS in addition with the 7950.

However, the 660ti will probably max out your panel, if you're gaming at that resolution

AMD graphics cards tend to get higher frame rates for your money, but NVIDIA has some great features like forced Ambient Occlusion and GPU Boost 2.