Diablotek vs. Hec-Compucase




Anyone know anything about these manufacturers?

According to Newegg the Diablotek is better considering the ratings and it's covered under a 3 year warranty vs 1 year with Hec.
Diablotek is pretty new so I'm not so sure about them.
I've had a Hec brand PSU for almost 2 years, and a friend of mine also has one. We've had no problems.

My current PSU is simply getting old(capacitor aging and all) and I can tell it's not going to last too much longer. So I need to get one now. If I save up for a better brand I could be minus a computer for a while and that's not good. Especially when one of these can get the job done the same.

So, help me decide if you don't mind.

TBH, I don't even know who the hell are these guys. You might want to check out the reviews on each of them by pros, not those Newegg bullshitters.

Diablotek all the way, I have that powersupply, works great so far.

I've looked for professional reviews but I can't find them.


I've looked for professional reviews but I can't find them.


I'll probably try Diablotek because of the warranty. I don't plan on keeping it for more than 3 years anyway.

diablotek I've at least heard of... so i'd go with them.

Diablotek is a great new company, (and I hate hec), so go with them!

Alright, I just ordered the Diablotek.

We'll see how it goes!