Diablo 3 Mouse 30$



I found the deal on Dealzon , but is this Tanga.com legit? I have never heard of them and I am hesitant to buy from them.


I would go with this since it has an avago 3090 sensor http://www.amazon.com/CM-Storm-Recon-Ambidextrous-Multicolor/dp/B009JZ04BC/ref=sr_1_6?ie=UTF8&qid=1384320086&sr=8-6&keywords=cm+storm 

Are you sure, because the Diablo mouse is far more expensive, but it happens to be on sale 

That scroll wheel is sick. If your leaning more towards the Diablo 3 mouse i would take it. From what I've researched the site seem to be legit.

Our Walmart is currently selling the surplus stock of them for $20 each. So $30 is still a great price, seeing as how new they still sell online for $50. 

I have one, they're great. 

I will probably wait until I can get a Kana v2 instead

Now I think this looks very interesting, I am mainly an FPS player/ Skyrim Player





if you're really broke and you need a cheap gaming mouse and don't need extra buttons then this is pretty good