dGPU Passthru and display on iGPU

I have an MSI GS65 laptop. Intel Core i7-9750H, 16GB RAM, and a GTX 1660 Ti. I am thinking about making Linux the host on this machine, and virtualize Windows. I have things that I still have to use Windows for, but my main concern is I play PUBG. I have been reading about how to hide the fact from Windows that it’s on a VM, because the anticheat for PUBG doesn’t like VMs. It doesn’t even like them running in the background. My last hurdle is to find out if I can assign the dGPU to the guest VM and still have it display on the 1444hz LCD connected to the iGPU. Is this even possible?

The i7-9750H does have integrated graphics, so you may be able to configure the Linux host to only use the integrated graphics and pass the 1660 Ti thru to the VM.

Check out this: Nvidia GPU Passthrough To Windows VM From Linux Host (linuxiac.com).

I think there are some guides on the Level1 forum as well, but I am not sure where they are exactly. Maybe someone else can point you in that direction.

I’m pretty sure this will not work because as far as I know most iGPU+dGPU setups in laptops use a shared framebuffer. Which means that the dGPU has no way of displaying anything without the iGPU also being in the same machine (so not passed through to a VM).
It seems someone did get this to work though so you might not be completely out of luck.
I suggest you check out this guide. It seems to be pretty detailed.
Good luck!

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