DFSR refusing to stay synced

I have 4 server 2019 standard VM’s through Hyper-V server 2019 - all connected to their own iscsi target (all 4 targets are located on a single TrueNas Scale server. Each target has its own IP address and they are all separate pools of 5x 10TB drives. The dataset is only 1.4TB and about 1.2 million files.

When checking event viewer, it will be just fine for days or weeks, then out of nowhere it will error out and just not recover. I can force stop and start the dfsr service on all machines and it will be fine again for a few days or even a week or two before it dies again.

anyone have any idea why DFSR is being so finnicky?

I did discover a failing drive on one of the pools and replaced it with a hot spare, but even after resilvering the affected pool, the error comes back after a few days.