Device isolation advice needed

Hi all,

First post.

I got a signal booster and I dont want it to just be a lan device to my network.

What is the best( and easiest) way to isolate this device? I have extra switches and routers lying around. I was going to set up a guest AP and isolate that and bridge a router on that connection to the booster somewhere else in the house and close all the ports. Anything easier than this?

Using a 16x4 docsis modem and a TP link archer c9 router.


Is that "booster" a wireless repeater (no ethernet, just power), or a wireless access point? How is it connected up?

And more importantly, what do you want to achieve with this isolation?

If you want to do any real network segmentation and/or firewalling than you're going to need a more advanced router (or install a custom firmware on your current one).

Hey got dd wrt on them.
The booster uses lan to send cell signals thru internet. Att femto cell.

I have dd wrt running on all my gear other then c9. Thats how i am achiving bridge thru guest AP.

End goal is to send all the traffic from and to the booster thru pia vpn and no aceess to anything else.

I'm 99% sure that the femto cell already tunnels its traffic through provider-controlled infrastructure. Anyone connected to the cell can't 'see' your local network (or internet IP).

DD-WRT isn't really my thing, but setting up a VPN client for PIA is certainly possible.

Thanks for reply, i cant confirm the data is even encrypted. Sent cisco an email actually.

Would having pfsense make this any easier to config?