[Devember2021] Project 'G.A.G.' - simpler administration scheme for the technologically declined

I want to preface this psuedo entry with a few short facts:

  • The title is not a placeholder
  • This is, as mentioned above, a psuedo entry
  • Some of my pseudo elements might be considered…reaching

strong title

  • ‘inspirational quote’

Details for Project G.A.G.

  • 3 node architecture*:
    • operations node
    • management node
    • critical redundancy node
  • n areas of focus
    • linux generic** system hardening
    • windows, but only the frame
    • workflows vs policy
    • active vs passive node interaction
    • some more stuff***
  • i’ve pretty much already forgotten.


Architecture* = this implies i know what im talking about. something something it’s not just 3 nodes, because power savings something something.

Generic** = this one actually might end up being specific. depends on how much I actually manage to finish.

Some more stuff*** = okay, so I barged in here all confident because I dont know confidence? anyway, I plan to focus on documentation as a majority of the project because the goal is to make life easier.


There are more ways to bork a process than I have time to explore, so I figured this contest might incentivize me to get familiar with some of the more common ways while also creating an anti-pasta methodology/repository to reduce the chance of future procrastination. After all, Security is Serious Stuff (SSS :snake:)