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Devember Time!



I already wrote a nasty perl script for work like two hours ago.

Since it was for work and was in perl… it felt like an hour. Is there something formal I have to do?


No not really, the goal of the challenge is to complete a project(s). Since you’ve already done the coding, spend the remaining time today documenting it, and blogging about it here.

Some topics to get you started:

  • What were the hurdles to overcome?
  • Why was it necessary?
  • Was it fun?


God bless it… Im getting my laptop to post my shit perl.


WOOT! :smile:


Noooooo! Use GNU as, AT&T syntax is better!

movl $0x41, %eax
movl $0x42, %ebx
movl $0x43, %ecx

Source before destination! always!

Sorry can’t help the silliness today for some reason, still prefer AT&T syntax though…

The suffixes especially. IIRC:

-b : "byte", 8 bits
-w : "word", 16 bits
-l : "long", 32 bits
-q : "quad", 64 bits

compare that to the register prefixes:

-  : no prefix,  16 bits
e- : "extended", 32 bits
r- : ????,       64 bits

never understood the r prefix there.


I did nasm simply because it could used on either windows or unix boxes. :stuck_out_tongue:


Alright, first blog post is up!


@Aremis You’re always wanting to dig into new projects, how about this one?


lol what project specifically? ATM I’m poking at some management software and at a vulkan to directX translation layer.


Any language you’ve wanted to learn about?


Oh uh… R? Fortran? I’d love to learn PowerPC assembly, something that I can really just bury myself in and lose time to… I have no clue where I would learn about those though.



The particular combination of things left in cache makes me suspect this is a hoax. I have had sudden drive problems before, things tend to go downhill pretty fast.

If it’s not, that’s going to make for one heck of a story.


ahh good ol LMGTFY never fails.

For real though, PowerPC is fascinating. We run PowerHA systems are my work.


lol I’ll be making utilities for my ibook if I can learn this shit.


could just learn C


The rotate instructions (like the rlicr seen here) are notoriously complicated, and having jokingly been called Turing-complete.

Oh. Oh dear.


OK i’m not posting the whole script to the forum - but basically, on the front end they changed how the form needs to be processed. So I made a hash for the cost of the size and then wrote a if statement if they wanted their name on the back. Wha-lah - we have commerce!

Here’s the gist of what I changed in a screenshot:


PS: I wrote it in vi - it was ok fun (not what I’d expect to be doing on my birthday) - used a hash table, so “back to basics accomplished” - I had to over come Linux wifi driver support- and I’ve done my hour - till tomorrow


Cotton farmer by day, Perl diver by night?


I refuse.