Devember Time!

Todays post is up :slight_smile:


should probably makes a blog updates in the comment to avoid 30 new blog posts per person

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Ahh gotcha. I’ll do that for day 3 and onward.



I’ve been a bit of a lurker here but I think I might give this a go.

I took a course in Python a few years back but haven’t really had the opportunity to use the language very much since so I’ve forgotten quite a bit of it.

The final project for the course was a space shooter game (an Asteroids type game) that was developed using an online Pyhton development tool called CodeSkulptor which is pretty nice for prototyping ideas but I’ve been playing with the idea of porting or re-writing the game as a stand-alone application using the PyGame library.

So, if it’s within the rules to base your Devember project on something already designed (It’ll most likely end up a complete re-write anyway) I might give that a go.

My original attempt can be seen here




Sure, seems find to me. Give it a go!

You’re a bit behind though, so there’s 3 days worth plus today’s. Get crackin’ :slight_smile:


Ok, I’ve made a bit of a start. I created a blog thread here, I hope it’s in the correct place.

Day 3 done, working on day 4 now…
I got pissed off at unreal engine 4; its C++ libraries are a mess with piss poor documentation. Didn’t feel like bashing my head against it, so for day 3 I went and worked on another aspect of my project with no unreal dependencies.

So today I’m working on setting up a git repo, and going to go back to figuring out wtf unreal is trying to do.

If anyone has ever used it, in C++… Why the fuck are there five different functions to do the same thing, and none of them work as represented? ARGH
Imma just write my own png loader and store the resulting data in a sqlite database, fuck unreal’s image library with a rake. I just want direct access to the pixel array, is that so hard? ;.;


I play with unreal edit 4 a bit. what version are you at ? I think the latest is 4.17. It is a real shame cause you are right there is little to no real support for linux in ue4. I have discovered a few things along the way. mostly the library and purchased products. The only way I found to get the libraries for such products, is copy pasted from my win10 drive. I havent built a c++ project with unreal yet, since I am a slow coder at best LOL. I have however played with blueprints and it seems to be rather similar to iOS and the blueprint style it uses.


There is this though.

But Y?

blueprints and C++ unreal are very very different beasts… they can meet in the middle on occasion, but…
I’m running 4.17, and using it on windows. Linux i’ll eventually use as well to make sure the game works alright there (once it is actually a game!)
The problem is Unreal’s image loader.
For landscapes, there is a specific class ILandscapeHeightmapFileFormat, built into the editor to handle 16bit png grayscale. It works well. Sadly unreal doesn’t let you ship any editor code with your project, so this class is not available at runtime. The alternate png loaders only support 8bit pngs it seems, with many different compressions… but all of them 8bit per color channel.

This means I’m going to have to use libpng as a third party library >.<

Spent way too much of my life on them, wasting my time. :stuck_out_tongue: Also ran a few that never went anywhere. I much prefer wiki, email, and source repos, and instant communication.

Can I count it if I only put 30 hours in in the last week? Finals are upon us college folks :confused:

Might add my summer project. Don’t know if I want to open source it. Still very early days. But it has something to do with home/business automation.

People could add a #devember tag to their threads for easy searching.


Is it too late to join now?

It’s never too late but you need to put in some overtime.

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This looks sweet!!

I’ve been working on my own project the last couple of days already, so while I’m jumping into this late, I think that I’ll sign up for this. :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ll just need to move this to a public repo.

But, what I’m working on right now is a budget program that I can use in my own personal life, but additionally, it’s so I can learn c#.
I already know Java, so picking up on c# hasn’t been that bad at all. However, I am still getting used to all the stuff that visual studio and c# does for you out of the box. Whew! There’s a lot!

Hey if you’re throwing in some JavaScript or some kind of interactivity to your comic, it’s perfect!

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I’ve finally submitted my PhD thesis so alongside catching up on a whole bunch of reading I have been missing out on, I need to get back to actually programming stuff. I have been using D for my university projects for the past 2-3 years when I can (mostly because I’m the only one using my code base) and I’ve fallen in love with the language. So I think I’m going to try and build up a bigger project using D - maybe some web app.

Otherwise I’d quite like to try out some functional programming at some point. I know you can do bits in D but a purely functional programming language sounds worlds apart from the imperative style I’m used to so it might be a good time to dive in. Either way, I’m a little late but I’m definitely up for getting involved!