Devember in October - Project Hydrogen UI - A Ticketing System

Hi guys!

I going to use this ‘Devember’ as an opportunity to dive right into my current project with @SgtAwesomesauce.

I, Dynamic_Gravity, shall have my Devember project developing the front end user interface for the Ticketing System; AKA Project Hydrogen.

This has been a goal of mine for some years, and I finally feel organized to be able to commit to this passion project.

I shall be handling the frontend UI and Sgt shall be working on the API on the backend.

Everything is 100% hosted on my own infrastructure, right down to the CMS. :wink:

Here is the source code:

Here is the development site (debug, larger, slower than prod, built daily):

Here is the production site (minified, performant, manual releases):


Ayyyy, it’s live!

I, SgtAwesomesauce, shall have my Devember project developing the API for the Ticketing System; AKA Project Hydrogen.

Note, for prod, it’ll always be working while dev may not. We do have unit tests and E2E tests for the frontend, but the nature of development branches is that sometimes things break. We strive to not merge code into master (prod) that’s broken though.

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are you going to make your own thread or are we going to pile it all here?

We can link the API repo too if you want.

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I’m thinking I’ll make an API-focused thread, so I don’t bore frontend people with the minutia of backend stuff.

writing one up as we speak, if my damn shoulder would cooperate

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Excellent, looking forward to it! :sunglasses:

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Maybe we should make a group to put the projects under so it shows up as something like hydrogen/hydrogen-ui?

I know we’ll have to update our git refs again, but then it’s prettier.




has his head deep in mocking APIs, hasn’t even realized emoji are a thing yet

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psst… btw

community/unicode-emoji 13.0-2
    Unicode Emoji Data Files


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Feel free to open a bug report :stuck_out_tongue:

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I tried, the admin told me he doesn’t move pixels and said to “try to learn how to use a computer” and hung up

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Don’t worry sgt, the backend database can handle emoji unicode so it shouldn’t be a problem unless your api chokes on them :stuck_out_tongue:



I saw that, I was giving you shite lol. I thought the joint effort was cute

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My API doesn’t give a shit what it’s dealing with, as long as the IDs are proper ints, it’ll spit bits at you in whatever format you put them in. xD

BTW, check the API docs I just put up.

If I upgrade to the next tier we can set up a custom domain to put it under if you wanted.


I will after I get back from the alcohol store.


Priorities in order. Good.

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No need. I’ll make an API VM on my infra.


Oh, no I’m talking about to host the documentation.

Postman requires it to be hosted on their cLoUd so we can’t just render it out with a pipeline, to my knowledge.

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My GitLab has built in Wiki’s ya know.

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