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Devember 2021 - Web Based Home Brew Log


Over the past few months I have jumped back into homebrewing after a 5 year hiatus. Currently, I make all my brew notes on paper and transfer them into google sheets for logs and record keeping. The current log process works, but I think I could use a Devember project to create a Brew Log application to overcome my current method’s shortcomings and also learn some skills along the way.

Typically, I make one gallon batches so I will have 2 or more brews always in some state of fermentation. Primarily, my brews have been mead and cider, but I am looking to continue these and try some different fruit wines over the next year.

As far as my background, I do not have any experience with web development, but I have some coding experience with python scripting, arduino, making simple windows form apps, and the hell that is VBA.


Current plan is to use Flask for the application with a simple Bootstrap HTML frontend, and sqlite for the database. I plan to host on my local network, but I may set up a web facing instance for demo purposes / learning.

I am utilizing Flask Web Development 2nd Edition by Miguel Grinberg ( for learning as well as setting up my application based on the example application (same libraries, config structure, etc.).

I have created a repo on github (GitHub - dandud/dabl: D. A. Brew Log) where I will be updating a dev-log text file with changes / challenges as they happen. I also plan to share updates within this thread as well.

Based on my current 2 day foray I can tell the frontend side is going to be challenging for me, but will provide a good opportunity to learn.

Goals for Final Product

These may change over the course of the project as I assess what I have gotten myself into :slight_smile:


  • Ability to input measurements and actions and associate with a particular batch on mobile and desktop
  • Ability to view overall status on mobile and desktop
  • View timeline of activities for particular batch (measurements, actions)
  • Email reminders for scheduled activities
  • Implement an authentication function
  • Have fun and learn


  • Make it pretty
  • Deploy to a public accessible server for learning purposes
  • Develop api to record measurements like ambient temperature and associate with a batch automatically

@CtrlAltDud if you cut and paste your update entries from your GH posts, you will get more coverage

this project would go well when paired with:

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Thanks for the suggestion @paulwratt. The project ended up falling through due to the day job ramping up with projects around the holidays. I hope to carry on the work into the new year. The challenge was a good way to get me started at least!