[Devember 2021] - Unlock TV by logging workouts

My Devember project is to construct a lockout mechanism for a TV that interacts with online health stats and a schedule of pre-programmed goals/requirements. E.g. User must weigh-in every morning and complete at least 30 min of logged exercise. If requirements haven’t been satisfied, TV locks down to give you quiet time to think about your choices.

The ‘security’ of this setup hinges on having a large TV that is wall-mounted (requiring 2 people to hang). Behind the TV will be a replacement ‘smart’ outlet that can be remotely controlled via wifi. Some sneaky tricks will be required to lockdown the interface to the smart outlet, while still maintaining internet access for tracking health stats. A raspberry pi will also be deployed behind the TV, acting as both an AP for the smart relay, as well as regular wifi client. Basically, it has to be a big enough hassle to ‘crack the safe’ that even a sophisticated user will just give up and do their workout. Or read a book.

Online health stats will be stored/retrieved from Google Fit.

Code will be hosted here: https://github.com/mharsch/rep_tile

Comments welcome.