[Devember 2021] Self hosted comic book server

Hi all,

I actuality started this 3 weeks ago and I haven’t got around to posing about it until now. I will go over what I have done so far after I describe the project goals.


My goal with this project is to create a server that will allow me to read comic books on my phone and computer. The idea is basically plex but for comic books.

Work so far


  • Scan a folder for books and add new books

  • Serve books, and series

  • Update books and series

  • Create users

  • Authenticate users


  • Create users and login
  • View lists of books and series
  • Cache books and series

Work to do


  • Add user groups to prevent anyone from editing books and creating users
  • Move settings to database to allow client side editing


  • Add edit book and series pages
  • Add settings pages
  • Style pages

Hi all,

I was working on reading books this past weekend. It currently supports reading in one or two page views, and left to right or right to left books. You can use the arrow keys or click on each side of the screen to change pages.

There are a couple of ways you can deal with two-page spreads, if they are split across two pages in the file you can assign them a SplitSpread page type and it will make sure you always see both halves.



If the spread is on one page you can assign it a Spread page type to make sure it doesn’t try to put it with another page.

I think the next thing I’m going to work on will be adding a service worker for offline support but we’ll see how inspired I feel, maybe I’ll just flail around with CSS.

Until next time

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