[Devember 2021] Neon Critters, Smart Contract App, or Messaging App

Hey, I’ve done development in different environment for several years. There’s always several things I want to learn or work on.

I’d like to either start some new project or continue an old one.


  1. Neon Critters (Godot-made game)
  2. Learn Solidity + Smart Contracts app
  3. Messaging app
  4. Discord bot for trading in New World

I may pull in a friend to help dev things for some projects, @jalejr

For the game, we need to rewrite things to make more efficient, and flesh out a lot more content and sensible tutorial. I’ve been learning a little Solidity and am thinking about jumping into that. New World has been pretty popular for me, and writing a bot to help trade & save on tax, or provide members free items more effectively could be fun.


I did not work on my projects, but I have built a decent excel for New World.


New World economy is fueled by people rolling for equips with the right lines by crafting many.

In Albion Online, in years past, I’ve built my own spreadsheets for profiting from crafting many types of equips and would haul around 10m silver worth of equips every few days.

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