[Devember 2021] Conditional strawpolling

Hoping to create a strawpoll web app that allows for conditional polling and interaction from the poll host with those being polled.
The intended audience is community managers & streamers.
Will be starting this project from scratch today.
Hopefully a MVP will be complete before the year is out, lets see :smiley:

App will consist of a react frontend with, you guessed it a nodejs backend, at least for now.
Hoping the backend one day can be written in something more performant but node will be good for prototyping and getting something releasable.
Maybe this could be next year’s devember if this project gets completed, a backend rewrite in Rust.

Uses a desktop machine running Linux, browser firefox.

As a streamer I want to be able to play a game of poker with the audience using a polling app that can be configured to go through the game mechanics of a simple texas hold’em game with a group of viewers.

User Story: Full screen web app
As a Wendell I want the polling to be done on a full viewport web app like you see with all those fancy startup companies. The benefits are no scrolling and smooth page transmissions.

more scoping coming soon

Project incomplete.