Devember 2019 Discussions

Ha, it’s Dec.3 already and I have zero development time… FFS, myself, get a grip…
I have some catching up to do today…

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Day 2 complete for me :mechanical_arm:

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Oh my god my sides xD


Damn, I am late to the party.

I haven’t been posting much here lately but I’ve been lurking about and was wondering if #Devember would going a head this year.

If it’s not too late I would like to join. I was working on an small Android application while learning Kotlin and I now that I have a bit more experience with the language I have decided to call it a prototype and re-write it using more up to date Android programming techniques.

I’d probably be working on the project anyway but if it’s part of #Devember it would force me to do work on it consistently.

Can I still join in? :thinking:



No you’re not…

Please do. Plenty of room…

IDK, can you ?

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I think I can … and here’s and here’s my blog


My blog post is going to go up later today.

I decided to do my coding first thing in the morning today. Completed the Nuxt transition and bumped to version 0.2.0!

Then I got lost in the magical land of configuring .gitlab-ci.yml files.

75 job runs later

What time is it?

I need pen and paper…
I needed pen and paper a long time ago, but I’m stubborn. I reached a point where I can’t keep track of all variables and objects and stuff… I really need to be able to write stuff down and be able to check, scratch and whenever angry - just crunch the paper and throw it away…
I need pen and paper…


We have a lot of cool threads this year. I’m so proud of everyone! :slight_smile:


I burnt out very fast this year

Gonna try to get going again at the weekend but I have had 3 hard weeks in a row.

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work is killing ya?

Uni, But same difference

Coffee is your friend. :coffee:

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I am maxed out on caffine. There just aren’t enough hours anymore

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I had 4 shots of espresso in my coffee this morning :crazy_face:

@SIGSEGV I withdraw from the devember. Got a new job and can’t focus on software at all.
Sorry about that.

I may write a post on how I am currently setting up my SCCM lab tho


Congrats. Hopefully a good one.

shit lol. Im not sure how I screwed this line up. Major brainfart after 1.5 hours tonight lol

edit: Never mind I think I forgot the env parameter at the top of the script :joy:. Yay me

Do you have your shebang at the top for executing? ( #!/usr/bin/env python )

What happens if you run it the first way but with parameters? (python -t localhost -p 9999)