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Devember 2018



@FrogE @Shecks Starting early insofar as to do planning and making sure everyone sees it.

Last year there were a lot more people who didn’t see it till like the 10th.


There’s always next year!

Provided it isn’t the year of heat-death.


Well, the odds are tad smaller than that. But yeah.

Sry for off topic


haha, it’s fine. The only real useful posts are the first two which bring to light of the challenge and participants. The rest is kind of like a Devember lounge. However, it’s fun that we can all congregate and overwhelm the forum with #devember2k18 posts.


I think we need an edition.


I like Devember lounge :sunglasses:

But Devember is this month and we are voting for next.:thinking:

I think @psycho_666 suggested to make challenges for every month. We could make an “Art January”, “Woodworking February” and a “Metal working March” :smile:


I shit you not, forum engagement has been a hot topic all the way up to the top brass.

There have been lots of monthly ideas that just fizzled out over time. Mostly because its been community-driven with no leadership so it sunk.

The L1 crew is very stand-offish with stuff, mostly because this is the spare-time and pet project stuff.

Yes I’m frustrated that they won’t fully commit whole-hog to the cause, but it is not my decision to make and I don’t know what their logistics would be, but it still bums me out. :triumph:

Anyway, I really like the r/dailyprogrammer side of things. They have daily/weekly programming challenges to stay sharp. Maybe we could do something like that.


Every month will be overdoing it. Maybe once a quarter?
Spring art, summer craft … Something something fall…


As I was saying, it depends on the scope and depth of the challenges. Smaller stuff would be more manageable. See my previous post.


What do you guys think about having something like Screenshot Saturday, for your projects. All year, every week. Just post a screenshot and write a bit. Doesn’t need to be in depth updates.


IIRC there’s already threads dedicated to stuff like that. But not automated and so people forget about them.


Also, I know this isn’t a programming specific forum, but I think there kind of needs to be a designated leader who specializes in a specific subforum and spearheads related event’s and engagement.

There are lots of subforum categories, but unfortunately mostly dead because there’s no one cornerstone individual(s) to really drive the engagement.


That’s a good idea, but I am the wrong person for programming related stuff.
I already contributed a bit to

and made the sciency stuff threads:

Physics and science in general, electronics and smaller DIY projects are my element. There I would be comfortable to something like that.


People would be forgiven for not knowing this though. I know there are tags and supposedly there are categories, but the forum just appears to be a bit list of threads, with the lounge safe space at the top. It isn’t intuitive to type hash tags into the search box to find something you want. I don’t even know how to go into a sub category.
*edit: Oh I see the tab at the top… Never been in there. Are there website metrics that monitor feature use?

It’s a chicken and egg problem. I am guessing that threads only get engagement if people know they are there, or they are front page. Take the 3d printing one. I would expect a bunch more activity in there, given it’s a tech channel, and they are pretty cheap or even DIY these days.

Id be happy with MAYgineering, I have some projects I need to start/finish, and it is punny enough.


That’s because by default it should be category view IMO.


Semi-related topic + shameless self-promotion: FermiOS: An OS development for Raspi 3


I definitely needed this challenge. I am thinking about how to do stuff properly for my game. I’m organising stuff in my head so I don’t have to reprogram shit again…
Thanks for the challenge. I really needed it.


I’m only on day 6 but I’m strangely already sad that it’s going to end. I hope I can keep up the motivation in January.


Up to 1 week. 1/4 through. How is everyone doing?


Honestly I thought I will be much more ahead. I was expecting to reach the point where I am now at day 3. Not Day 6. But anyways, I’m rusty like nobody’s business, so it will take some time to fix this, but at least I am doing something… In the last few months I have done absolutely nothing about the project, so there’s that.
How are you doing with your thing?