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Devember 2018



sure, why not! It’s a challenge with yourself mostly with the additional motivation of all the other people participating. I’m not sure how the badge gets handled but that is not what I really care about.

Have fun! :slightly_smiling_face:


I’m only 3 days in but I am really glad I jumped on board. I feel like a level 1 noob amongst pros but having the challenge alongside everyone else along with the feeling of accountability is really motivating.


I’m feeling the same way :slightly_smiling_face:


I don’t really care for the badge either. But I did not want to sabotage or undermine the accomplishments of other partakers by cheating the one rule the challenge is made of. But if it’s OK I’d like to post my progress here (or rather in its own thread in accordance to whats been said), as i already started preparations.


Yeppers,all my friends are starting to get married, and I’m just sitting here with my computers. :stuck_out_tongue:


So uhm, what if I join like half way through the month lol. And then maybe just continue with it.

Is that legal?


Come on in, the water’s great!


You will have to work a little extra hard to catch up… It is all of 4 days gone already…


I would say just to stick with the one hour a day, but you forfeit the badge.

But the goal is to learn something, so in essence this is fine to start late IMO.

This is why I opened it a week early so lots of people could see it and prepare. I knew the more infrequent users wouldn’t see it though but so far turnout has been great.


First I did no such a thing and second he had a car…


What lol


Nevermind :smile:


I don’t even want to know.


I’m married, still here with my computers. :smiley:


If people who start late don’t get a badge does that imply that people who started early (not cheating BTW, enthusiasm and the upmost spirit of #devember2k18 and Chrismassy season that is upon us ) get an extra badge and if that logic holds true can I give my extra badge to someone who doesn’t get a badge because they started a little late? :smiley:

If starting early is no longer legal and doesn’t earn extra badges I’ll be off editing the timestamps on in the headers of my source and this post can be safely ignored :slight_smile:


I thought it over, and won’t join. There’s no reason to.

I’ll probably create a thread about my project coz it should be interesting, somewhat. But it’s a slow pace project atm.


I think starting early puts unfair pressure on those who start on time and should definitely not be rewarded! :wink:


Oh no … it’s paving the way … the first out of the trenches … motivating etc … :innocent:

Damn it, I really want a badge :rofl:


Oh, hey gek. But yeah, it’s fine to do what you want. Share some projects ma boi. :smiley:


I am just late to the party :frowning:
Next time hopefully