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Devember 2018



You need to use anime shows as a reward.


Well Happy New Year and its all over.

I actually managed to complete an MVP for my project a couple of days before the end.

Here Is my Devlog thread: Porting a Raytracer to Rust - Devember Challenge

My Project Repo:

And I wrote a Blog post about the project:


There’s still a few hours left in #devember2k18 in the timezone I am in and since I’ve no life (and hate New Years Eve) I’m gonna get some more work done.

Was hoping to get the state management for my Creep game entities redone today and get them firing energy beams.


How did everyone go?

I petered out in the end, got stuck trying to work out some Unity technicalities.
I can try and upload the project if someone wants to see it though, after a little tidy up. And I’ll prob keep working on it now and then.


Pfff… I entered a jam and that drained me… So I ended up finishing about 19-th…

You should… You will learn even more.
I’m fully committed to finish mine…


There are rankings?! Who won?


No ranking. I just entered the chalange at 19th of December.


Work got in the way, I needed to finish before christmas and bad weather. Then I flew out to visit family and friends Christmas eve. I wore a Santa hat and with my beard some of the children were agog. My beard is almost white and is never trimmed so is very full.
I plan on getting back on my challenge when I get back home.


Petering out seems to be a theme here XD… unfortunately I wasn’t the exception as well XD.


If you learnt something you won!


I love creative endeavours like that. Even though I was the first to end the challenge I really appreciate having it and would love to have another one soon-ish…


Don’t know soon-ish, but maybe “L1T summer of love (and code)”? :smile:

EDIT: No but seriously not a bad idea to have one of these events again soon. I feel I got good momentum from devember, and I don’t trust myself enought to keep that momentum up without peer pressure. :smiley:


when will badges be issued?


Weren’t they already?


I don’t have one yet


No badges, I’m gonna DMCA my own game :slight_smile:


Just a moment…


DMCA Sepukku!



Yeah, those poor guys! Probably not much money to be made now for them :frowning: