Devember 2018

Every month will be overdoing it. Maybe once a quarter?
Spring art, summer craft … Something something fall…

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As I was saying, it depends on the scope and depth of the challenges. Smaller stuff would be more manageable. See my previous post.


What do you guys think about having something like Screenshot Saturday, for your projects. All year, every week. Just post a screenshot and write a bit. Doesn’t need to be in depth updates.


IIRC there’s already threads dedicated to stuff like that. But not automated and so people forget about them.

Also, I know this isn’t a programming specific forum, but I think there kind of needs to be a designated leader who specializes in a specific subforum and spearheads related event’s and engagement.

There are lots of subforum categories, but unfortunately mostly dead because there’s no one cornerstone individual(s) to really drive the engagement.


That’s a good idea, but I am the wrong person for programming related stuff.
I already contributed a bit to

and made the sciency stuff threads:

Physics and science in general, electronics and smaller DIY projects are my element. There I would be comfortable to something like that.

People would be forgiven for not knowing this though. I know there are tags and supposedly there are categories, but the forum just appears to be a bit list of threads, with the lounge safe space at the top. It isn’t intuitive to type hash tags into the search box to find something you want. I don’t even know how to go into a sub category.
*edit: Oh I see the tab at the top… Never been in there. Are there website metrics that monitor feature use?

It’s a chicken and egg problem. I am guessing that threads only get engagement if people know they are there, or they are front page. Take the 3d printing one. I would expect a bunch more activity in there, given it’s a tech channel, and they are pretty cheap or even DIY these days.

Id be happy with MAYgineering, I have some projects I need to start/finish, and it is punny enough.

That’s because by default it should be category view IMO.

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Semi-related topic + shameless self-promotion: FermiOS: An OS development for Raspi 3


I definitely needed this challenge. I am thinking about how to do stuff properly for my game. I’m organising stuff in my head so I don’t have to reprogram shit again…
Thanks for the challenge. I really needed it.


I’m only on day 6 but I’m strangely already sad that it’s going to end. I hope I can keep up the motivation in January.


Up to 1 week. 1/4 through. How is everyone doing?


Honestly I thought I will be much more ahead. I was expecting to reach the point where I am now at day 3. Not Day 6. But anyways, I’m rusty like nobody’s business, so it will take some time to fix this, but at least I am doing something… In the last few months I have done absolutely nothing about the project, so there’s that.
How are you doing with your thing?

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My progress is very slow and I try not to let the excuse count that I know very little programming. However from an overall learning experience this challenge is amazing how much I learned even though I have no useful code yet.

What is the natural work cycle of you guys? I usually work 5 to 6 hours straight on a single thing and not spread in 1 hour intervals over every day.

How about you?

Edit: lol, I am so tired I made so many typos and incoherent sentences it’s not even funny.

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I don’t have big stretches of time at the moment. Maybe in the weekends, but I think X4: Foundations will be eating up that time.
I have been doing an hour before work (working 10-6 this and next week), or maybe an hour after if I am a bit tired.

I am not getting a massive amount of work done, but am consistently working on it. Definitely learning new things about Unity. Now seeing how thorough the mono C# programming is, and getting used to c#. Only used VB.Net to build programs before. Boils down to the same thing pretty much, just different syntax.


I have a huge list of tiny goals and I go for one…
If I wasn’t as bad of it (I say rusty to feel better) it would usually take like 20 minutes. I do it for an hour cause I always forget something…
But yeah, I have a list of tiny goals I need to finish. Manageable bite sized goals, that are small to be easily achievable and still showing progress, so not to bring the mindset of “I’m working 3 days and have no progress”. I already have 4 goals completed, cause I remade the last 2 things…


I like to work in short intense bursts. Usually between an hour or three. I learn at my own pace and struggled in school because of that. It’s why I like online learning; I feel I am learning more going at my own pace in 6 days than I did in an entire year of computer studies at school.


My apologies for the lack of updates.

I had a small financial emergency. Still programmed, just didn’t blog about it. Will do so now.

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Tiring, but still motivated :slight_smile: I am using R at work, and this project definitely makes sure I don’t forget python! But sometimes I feel like I am a bit schizophrenic… is it = or <- ? length () or len () ? paste0 (‘a’,‘b’) or ‘a’ + ‘b’ ? dim () or .shape ? …

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Ok, although I didn’t even realize how much stuff I have forgotten. Granted that Java and Python have little bit different syntax, but still I thought I would have advanced much further than where I’m right now. Others doing some crazy stuff and I’m like “OOOH look at that, lists are working!”

But I’m glad I participated to this challenge. Without peer pressure I would have given up already.

3-5 hours of continuous work, which includes little over an hour of productive time and rest is procrastination. :grin: