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Devember 18 - Erzor



Log 14

Whoops almost forgot about today lol.

Learned about clickable images, radio buttons, and spinners (dropdown menus). Spinners were WAYYY harder to code than I thought as you need listeners and adapters. I guess I won’t be using spinners XD.


Log 15

Did more User Input Stuff (This chapter is about User Input). Worked on setting icons, giving an options menu in the app bar (the three dots on the top right), Alert Dialogs, and Pickers (For Days/Times there is already a premade activity and you just have to call it). Alert Dialogs and Pickers were the harder ones to code and conceptually understand in the chapter, but I’m not too worried about it because 1) I don’t think I will need it for the simple game i will make and 2) I can just Google it. That means no stress ez.


Log 16

I actually like today’s lesson… reminded me of the Clash Royale Tabs. Might be using this heavily when I make the final app. It seems really interesting to me.

However the one thing that irked me this lesson was the huge emphasis on coding what could (I think) be easily done in the XML sheet.

Here’s the code if you are interested. Keep in mind that this is in the onCreate() method. toolbar = findViewById(;
    // Create an instance of the tab layout from the view.
    TabLayout tabLayout = findViewById(;
// Set the text for each tab.
// Set the tabs to fill the entire layout.
// Use PagerAdapter to manage page views in fragments.
    // Use PagerAdapter to manage page views in fragments.
// Each page is represented by its own fragment.
    final ViewPager viewPager = findViewById(;
    final PagerAdapter adapter = new PagerAdapter
            (getSupportFragmentManager(), tabLayout.getTabCount());
// Setting a listener for clicks.
       TabLayout.OnTabSelectedListener() {
           public void onTabSelected(TabLayout.Tab tab) {

           public void onTabUnselected(TabLayout.Tab tab) {

           public void onTabReselected(TabLayout.Tab tab) {

I honestly don’t know why this was all instantiated here… I’m going to test if I can do this way simpler using XML code tomorrow. If anyone knows if this can be done in an easier way, let me know. I like spoilers :P.

I also learned the “Up” navigation, but that was way easier than this. I’ll also see if I can do the coding challenge this time, since this is going to make me figure out how to use a navigation drawer.


Log 17

I’m pooped for the day… My brain hurts XD.

I realized that by the pace I was going, I was going to finish in January… And I had already prolonged LineageOS development for so long that I just got on it today. I think I’m going to have to do 2-4 lessons everyday to at least start on building LineageOS.

Anyways, wasn’t able to finish the RecyclerView Lesson. It is kinda confusing in that it uses a bunch of classes and objects that I do not understand of. I thought that I should actually learn it so I Googled on how to get better at Android Studio and this is what popped up.

The first one is a series on how to get started on developing Android apps, so I might look into that to refresh myself without actually coding anything. The second link is a specific refresher into RecycleViews, so I will look at that tomorrow to get a better understanding of what I am actually coding. The third is to just review a bunch of already made apps to see how people do stuff and their conventions.

That’s all for today. Will spend a lot more time tomorrow working on Android Studio.


I feel the LOVEEEEE! lol idk… no judging XD

Log 18

Today I continued on with the the RecyclerView lesson and finished it. I still didn’t completely understand it, but I didn’t want to spend the rest of my winter break trying to figure it out. I then went on into the intro lesson about theming and it was way easier than the RecyclerView in my opinion. However, a weird error that kept on popping up was that I wasn’t able to debug the app on my phone. I have no idea why, but when I loaded the solution code up, it worked just fine. Meh, I’m too lazy to go and look for the error so I’ll just keep typing better in mind.


Log 19

Felt a bit lazy today. Was learning about Cardviews:

and it was built on top of RecyclerView (the View that is super freaking hard…). Ended up rewatching this:

and I actually understood it! Except around 12:50, where it got confusing with that method. Even though I understand the majority of it, I still would need to reference this code/video to make sure I know how to use it.

Anyways, I was going to continue along the lesson, but got lazy… Not good imo. I need to finish 2-4 lessons per day and I am instead slowing down rip. I’ll try working on it tomorrow and try to finish the unit up.


Log 20

Decided to skip today. Could’ve fit in my hour but just wanted to take a break. Passed my driving test (I dislike driving, but I have to learn XD), hung out with friends, and am learning about personal finance.


Log 22

Sorry, was hanging out with friends yesterday so didn’t get the chance to do the Log.

Anyways, I completed Unit 5 which was about UI/UX. It wasn’t all that interesting to me because it was all little things that don’t contribute to the functionality, but I do acknowledge that it helps brings in a user base. I also learned how to translate and set different values for different orientations and devices. At one point the app on my phone started crashing, but I was too lazy and bored to fix it.


Log 25

Sorry… I’m losing steam a lot… I have to travel soon and even though I know I should be working on this, it just feels painful to try and keep going. I’ve recently gotten hooked onto anime, and it sucks that although I could be working, I choose anime instead…

What I’ve done:
So far, I’ve done three lessons: one lesson on user testing and two others on background processes. It’s alright, though I know I’m not retaining any information I read upon… I’m unsure how to attack this so it’ll be interesting for me to work on. Maybe I should just skim read everything, and then make an app that fattire recommends? I don’t know if this is the right approach so your guy’s suggestions are much appreciated.


Log 31

Sorry… I have failed Devember. Went traveling with friends for three days, but cut my development a bit earlier than that :confused:. I’ll keep you guys posted on what I do on this blog here:

Anyways, thanks for the community here for Devember! I loved being a part of this and will definitly do it again next year. Happy Holidays and have a good one!


You started, and got some stuff done right? That counts for something.


If you log any time at all for #devember2k18 it’s a success. The basic idea is just to give people a chance to tackle something they’ve either been putting off for a while, haven’t had the time to get around to doing or even just to try something outside their technical comfort zone without any pressure of an end goal.

If you decide during devember that the particular technology is not for you then the challenge has still been worth while because you’ll probably have a good idea why you didn’t enjoy it and a better idea of the direction you would prefer to take and will most likely be motivated to seek out more suitable tech.

But on the other hand, if you did enjoy it, then you’ve got a good grounding in a new tech you can build on over time and if you’ve been biten by the bug you’ll be full of motivation. :grinning: