Developing a benchmark comparison site, need feedback

Hey guys,

I’ve been working on a bit of a passion project of mine called CompareBench.

Basically, what it does is allows a user to upload benchmark results for their PC to build a “profile” of sorts for their rig, and then compare that entire profile with others.

Right now it supports 3DMark Firestrike (working on getting Timespy support), Ungine Heaven (by html file export), and Cinebench (just a text field to input the score).

It also requires a user to upload a CPU-Z export file to get hardware details about the system. I’m looking into relaxing that requirement depending on the benchmarks that are uploaded, as some of them (like 3DMark) include hardware details in their exports.

Another featureset I’m looking to implement is very detailed hardware spec sheets, something akin to Intel’s ARK. I have a rough idea here:

Specs on the left column, and eventually a list of user-submitted results of that CPU.

One of the other thoughts I had for this was this tool could be useful for reviewers/tech youtubers to manage all their benchmarks. Once a benchmark file is uploaded, its saved under that “build profile” so you can download it again if you need to. I reached out to a bunch of youtubers to see if they wanted to check it out. Some were interested but no ones really taken a look at this.

I’m also planning an API to allow benchmark tools to auto-submit results

Heres the project:


I think your website is looking really good and professional. I will sure try it out once I finished building my new rig. Though right now I’m only just planning it out and what hardware to use and also awaiting black friday for some good deals…

I was going to ask how and with what tools you had built the site, but then I found it under the big questionmark :slight_smile:

How long for have you worked on it?