Developers to lean towards Amd?

Hey Logan, do you think developers will base their games on in the future? I think they will develope future games around Amd architectures because it seems the most logical because future consoles support amd apus. Also does this mean amd will have a large edge over nvidia? This all seems exciting and i can't wait since i'm a amd fanboy lol. Anyways what are your thoughts on this subject?

If you don't mind someone other than Logan answering your question, I'll jump in.

That might be true, as far as console ports are concerned. But, the games that I happen to enjoy, like Total War, are optimised for Nvidia and Intel.

It's still going to be a toss up from game to game. Perhaps, developer to developer.

AMD, despite popular opinion, is a great brand. In my own opinion due to the incredibly low cost of high end AMD processors compared to Intel you can start to see more and more development going towards AMD. This is especially true for indie developers that don't have access to large sums of money. While Intel still makes some of the fastest cpus out there, AMD constantly bites back. Just look at the new 220w TDP cpu they're making (I don't remember anything aside from the 220w TDP).


Also AMD GPU's have more cores but lower clock speeds. This is a better solution for highly detailed worlds.

ex Battlefield 4 with all those seagulls.

I don't see what you're getting at.

amd 7970ghz edition has a higher clock speed and more core than the 680. yet they compete head to head in gaming benchmarks. Hhmmm.

All of amd's apu's are going to get a serious boost from this

I think he may be talking about the wimpy stream processors (but there is shite loads of them) vs cuda cores (strong, but few)

Which bares little relevance to games (at the moment)

As a side note, I can see physx dying out soon, most devs who work on console 'ports' won't bother with it

I believe the next gen of amd apus will also get "unified memory bus" for the cpu&gpu

correct me if i'm wrong

No the GPU itself.

Yes. HSA, heterogeneous system architecture.

Will lead to human like AI.