Developers/occasional gaming rig. Under 1400. (solved)

Hey guys,

I just recently got hooked up on tek syndicate and I love the show. I am not a member of many boards and I even less take a part in them, so that's somethin' that I'm here :).

I am already couple of days getting headaches from figuring out a ideal PC for me. But it's clear that I have to compromise.

My priorities:

  • Longevity
    (Beats Silence - I don't want complete passive solution - I want reliability and cooled also the motherboard parts, graphic card PCBs...)
  • Silence
    (I hate noisy ventilators - distracting from work or enjoyment. even when I have a laptop - it needs a cooling pad when gaming and anyway it can get bloody hot)
  • Performance
    (developers PC - may run a virtual Windows under Linux, occasional gaming)

Swiss Franc = 1.05 US Dollar, but all the prices here in swiss are a bit higher. On the other hand shipping and customs-taxes are quite high as well. So I am likely to stay and buy local.

So far I came up with:

  • 204 - CPU: AMD FX-8350
  • 144 - MBD: Asus M5A99FX PRO R2.0
  • 139 - RAM: 2x8GB Kingston HyperX Limited Edition 10th Anniversary Series
  • 217 - SSD: Intel SSD 335 Series 240GB (or OCZ Vector)
  • 247 - GPU: Gigabyte GV-R787OC-2GD - 2GB
  • 119 - PSU: Seasonic P-400 Platinum Modular Fanless
About the Seasonic - I like to be reasonably "green" and effective (although 125 TPD on the 8350 hurts my consciousness a bit). But I am also open to other very quite PSUs.

Is the 400W enough?

Case - Considering:
I like the case to keep things 1. Silent, 2. Cool, 3. Dust free, 4. Portable

  • 151 - Fractal Design XL R2 (a bit too pricy for my feeling)
  • 122 - Factal Design R4 - will it do the scilencing job well or as good as XL RW? 
  • Or something else with 200mm more silent fans?
  • NZXT Phantoms are fancy. But I'd say 160 for case is a maximum. The 410s don't have dust filters. 
I am also open to change to some considerably smaller case like Fractal Design Node 304 or BitFenix Prodigy. But I have found out that AM3+ are not made in Mini ITX. I am willing to change to 3570K. The thing is: if I make the build in theese smaller cases can they be as silent as the bigger ones without compromising performance?

I am not also sure about the CPU Cooler:

  • Noctua NH-D14 - seems so tempting and luxurious, but dam't 84 is bloody expensive comparing to others.
<p>My previous PC was based on Intel E5200 with Scythe ninja - running without fans. That was cool&quiet! Can something similar be done nowadays but with more powerful CPU? 

<p>I have the feeling that the FX with 125TPD is too much for achieving that, but I have no proof :).
Can i5-3570K in a R4 with the Noctua or something else on it stay reasonably cool? Maybe attaching to the fan controls the CPU vent and turn it on while gaming? (then I don't need the NH-D14)
Or is the Noctua (or something else) quiet enough that the overall noise levels are below 40 dBA?</p>

<p>So far with the Noctua and R4 I am landing at 1276 Swiss Francs at local e-shops. That hurts a bit.</p>

<p>I appreciate all your imputs. Thanks in advance very much.</p>


400W is way to low you need atleast 650 id suggest 750 Though

Can you find in Switzerland cooler master silencio 650?

Thanks for replies. Yes, i've found Silencio 650 for 140. I will stick with the R4 after reading this review: 

Ok, so two things are set in stone. The 7870 and R4. 

If you intend to run the CPU at stock clocks then one of the smaller self contained water cooler may be the way to go. They tend to be pretty quiet. Paired with that case and you are onto a winner.

I second the recommendations for a larger PSU, the Silencio seems alright.


If you dont want to spend the money on a Noctua id suggest getting something like a Xigmatek dark Knight II or a tower heatsink like the Hyper 212 Evo but with a better Fan.

In anz case I would have gone for Silencio, CM is top notch when it come to that.

If you want a quiet cooler try and find Coolermaster Hyper Z600 (I got him), enourmous cooler, one fan is enough to coole OC cpu to the max, it can even work as a passive cooler but I wouldnt us it on Fx8350.

As gor the alternative try Cooler master Hyper 612s, for psu take Seasonic/Evga 650w gold certificate...

I cant be specific since i do not know stocks  and prices in your country...

Hey Guys,

Great site for PSU configuration:

Thanks again and appreciate your help. I teve looked at the Coolers, but unfortunately didn't find them at the local shops.


  • CPU    Intel Core i5-3570K     228.85
  • COOL    Noctua NH-D14     82.9
  • RAM    Kingston HyperX Beast DDR3-2400 16GB    164.95
  • GPU    Radeon HD7870 – XFX FX-787A-CDBC - Black Edition     247.95
  • SSD    OCZ Vector - 2.5" - 128GB       149.95
  • MBD    Asus Sabertooth Z77     214.95
  • PSU    Enermax Platimax EPM600AWT    161.9
  • CASE    Fractal Design Define R4 - Arctic White    119
  • shipping        9
  • shipping insurance        10.01

Total: 1389.46 Fr.

Erm.. I do believe you could have chosen more better (156 fr for ram LOL) but i guess its too late now

May it serve you long and well

I have had kngston ram last over 10years, imo it can be worth it if you plan to use the computer that long, and kingston has amazing service