Deus EX on an older lapptop

Hey guys! Hi!

got a quesiton:

i5 2450 2.4-3.1GHz
6GB 1333MHz
GT 525M 1GB
WB 7200 rpm HDD.

Would I get a comfortable playback in Deus EX human revolution? Can I run it with at least medium settings? Dont give a shit about 60fps. 25-30 is enough for me. for now anyways.

Thanks guys!)

What is your human resolution? huehuehuehue...

1366 x 768. Basically a 6k OLED 90" screen XD XD

I just assume your laptop has a resolution of 1080p. With that being said, you should be fine from a CPU and RAM perspective. But I do not know how your GPU performs. Which games are you able to run at the moment? fps?

(I think you should be able to run DX:HR on low at least)

Resolution is 1366 x 768
I run gta4 on mediums, with 19-35 fps..
NFS RUN on medium-high 18-24
Cities Skylines with low mediums i get about 20 fps.... GPU is crap..... CPU is a boss as for a 5 yrl laptop.,3012-4.html

You may want to turn off all AA and AF and occlusion and fancy stuff...
Medium may be not, may be yes... Check out the review. It should give you idea of the game performance...
According to this forum, you may be able to run DXHR way better than i expect...

Thanks! well, here graphics look like quake or in Unreal Turnament with good aliasing)) Thanks for the info!)